furcifer etymology

Latin word furcifer comes from Latin -fer (-bearing, -carrying, -bringing.), Latin furca

Detailed word origin of furcifer

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-fer Latin (lat) -bearing, -carrying, -bringing.
furca Latin (lat) A fork-shaped prop, pole or stake.. A two-pronged fork, pitchfork.. An instrument of punishment, a frame in the form of a fork, which was placed on a culprit's neck, while his hands were fastened to the two ends; yoke.
furcifer Latin (lat) Rascal, scoundrel, rogue. Yoke-bearer (a term of abuse, usually of slaves).

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aquilifer cupressifer dactylifer dulcifer fructifer glandulifer grandifer imbrifer letifer lucifer margaritifer mellifer nimbifer noctifer nucifer palmifer patellifer peltifer pinifer sacrifer signifer soporifer sudorifer velifer vexillifer