incuso etymology

Latin word incuso comes from Latin ingratus (Thankless. Ungrateful. Unpleasant, disagreeable.), Latin -one(-onem|m), Latin causa

Detailed word origin of incuso

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ingratus Latin (lat) Thankless. Ungrateful. Unpleasant, disagreeable.
-one(-onem|m) Latin (lat)
causa Latin (lat) For the sake of or on account of (Medieval Latin) thing. (figuratively) justification, explanation. Case, claim, contention. Cause, reason. Motive, pretext. Situation, condition.
incuso Latin (lat) I find fault with, blame, accuse.

Words with the same origin as incuso

Descendants of causa
-atio accusabilis accuso causidicalis causidicus causor excuso incusabilis incusatio incusativus incusatus