inhaereo etymology

Latin word inhaereo comes from Latin ingratus (Thankless. Ungrateful. Unpleasant, disagreeable.), Latin haereo

Detailed word origin of inhaereo

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ingratus Latin (lat) Thankless. Ungrateful. Unpleasant, disagreeable.
haereo Latin (lat) I am brought to a standstill, I am suspended. I am stuck in a situation; I am at a loss; I am embarrassed; hesitate.. I keep close (to), attach myself (to), follow; pursue.. I remain fixed, abide, keep at, continue, persist.. I stick, cling, cleave, adhere.
inhaereo Latin (lat) (figuratively) I cling or adhere to, engage deeply or closely in; I am closely connected with.. I stick or inhere in; stick, cleave, hang or adhere to; hold on to.

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Descendants of haereo
adhaerens adhaeresco adhaese adhaesio cohaerens cohaeresco cohaesus haerens haesitabundus haesitantia haesitatio haesitator haesito haesurus inhaerens inhaerere inhaeresco inhaesio