palmifer etymology

Latin word palmifer comes from Latin -fer (-bearing, -carrying, -bringing.), Latin palma

Detailed word origin of palmifer

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-fer Latin (lat) -bearing, -carrying, -bringing.
palma Latin (lat) (poetic) a Threx. (poetic) any shield. A parma; a small shield carried by the infantry and cavalry (anatomy) palm of the hand, hand. (botany) palm tree; date tree. (figuratively) victory. (nautical) blade of an oar. (unit of measure, medieval) palm, of various exact values throughout Europe but usually ¼ of the local foot.
palmifer Latin (lat) Palm-bearing, abounding in palm trees, palmiferous.

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Descendants of -fer
aquilifer cupressifer dactylifer dulcifer fructifer glandulifer grandifer imbrifer letifer lucifer margaritifer mellifer nimbifer noctifer nucifer patellifer peltifer pinifer sacrifer signifer soporifer sudorifer velifer vexillifer
Descendants of palma
Palma palmetum palmeus palmiceus palmiger palmipes palmo palmosus palmula palmularis