penniger etymology

Latin word penniger comes from Latin pinna, Latin -ger (Forms adjectives meaning “-bearing, -carrying” from nouns.)

Detailed word origin of penniger

Dictionary entryLanguageDefinition
pinna Latin (lat)
-ger Latin (lat) Forms adjectives meaning “-bearing, -carrying” from nouns.
penniger Latin (lat) Feathered, winged.

Words with the same origin as penniger

Descendants of pinna
Brycinus longipinnis Garra longipinnis Trichogenes longipinnis acutipennis angustipennis bipennis brevipennis claripennis fascipennis flavipennis hyalinipennis impennis latipennis longipennis longipinnis maculipennis nigripennis pallidipennis penna pennipotens pennus pictipennis rotundipennis spinipennis vitripennis
Descendants of -ger
astriger auriger barbiger belliger claviger contiger cornigera ensiger floriger libriger mundiger naviger nubiger penatiger pharetriger plagiger plantiger securiger somniger spiniger squamigeri stelliger urniger veliger Āligeri