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You are viewing the etymology of persona meaning: (Noun) (grammar) person. Character. Mask. Person, personality.(grammar) person. Character. Mask. Person, personality.. You may also see other Latin etymologies of persona.
Latin word persona has an uncertain origin: it possibly comes from Ancient Greek πρόσωπον (prósōpon - face, appearance, mask) or possibly from the Etruscan word 𐌘𐌄𐌓𐌔𐌖 (φersu) with a similar meaning.

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πρόσωπον Ancient Greek (to 1453) (grc) prósōpon, "face; appearance; mask used in ancient theatre to denote a character or, more generally, a social role"
𐌘𐌄𐌓𐌔𐌖 Etruscan (ett) (φersu) A mask. A masked individual, often performing in funerary games. An actor.
persona Latin (lat) (grammar) person. Character. Mask. Person, personality.