plumiger etymology

Latin word plumiger comes from Latin pluma, Latin -ger (Forms adjectives meaning “-bearing, -carrying” from nouns.)

Detailed word origin of plumiger

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pluma Latin (lat) (by extension) metal scale of armor. Beard-down. Feather, plume.
-ger Latin (lat) Forms adjectives meaning “-bearing, -carrying” from nouns.
plumiger Latin (lat) Feathered, covered with feathers, feather-bearing.

Words with the same origin as plumiger

Descendants of pluma
plumeus plumifer plumo plumosus plumula
Descendants of -ger
astriger auriger barbiger belliger claviger contiger cornigera ensiger floriger libriger mundiger naviger nubiger penatiger pharetriger plagiger plantiger securiger somniger spiniger squamigeri stelliger urniger veliger Āligeri