praesertim etymology

Latin word praesertim comes from Latin sero, Latin prae- (Before; in front. In charge.), Latin -tim (Forms adverbs from adjectives.)

Detailed word origin of praesertim

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sero Latin (lat) (figuratively) I found, establish; scatter, spread, disseminate; propagate; excite; cause, produce.. (of persons) I beget, bring forth, produce.. I sow, plant. I fasten (with a bolt), bar, bolt. At a late hour, late, tardily.. Too late. (figuratively) I join, interweave, connect; combine, compose, contrive.. I join or bind together; plait, interweave, interlace, entwine.
prae- Latin (lat) Before; in front. In charge.
-tim Latin (lat) Forms adverbs from adjectives.
praesertim Latin (lat) Especially. Particularly.

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Descendants of prae-
praesidium reddere
Descendants of -tim