salarium etymology

Latin word salarium comes from English mine, Proto-Indo-European *sáls, and later Latin salarius (Of or pertaining to salt. A dealer in salted fish.)

Detailed word origin of salarium

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mine English (eng) (computing) A machine used to extract units of a cryptocurrency.. (entomology) The cavity made by a caterpillar while feeding inside a leaf.. (figurative) Any source of wealth or resources.. (military) A device intended to explode when stepped upon or touched, or when approached by a ship, vehicle, or person.. (military) A passage dug toward or underneath enemy lines, which is then packed [...]
*sáls Proto-Indo-European (ine-pro)
salt mine English (eng) (by extension) Any laborious work situation, especially in a confined space.. Any mine used for the extraction of salt.
salem Latin (lat)
salarius Latin (lat) Of or pertaining to salt. A dealer in salted fish.
salarium Latin (lat) A meal. A salary, stipend, allowance, pension; originally money given to soldiers with which to buy salt.

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Descendants of mine
consul sal saltem