situo etymology

Latin word situo comes from Proto-Indo-European *sey(H)-, Spanish sitiar (To besiege.), Latin sinere

Detailed word origin of situo

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*sey(H)- Proto-Indo-European (ine-pro)
sitiar Spanish (spa) To besiege.
sinere Latin (lat)
sino Latin (lat) (with accusative of person and infinitive) I let, permit, suffer.. I put, lay, set down.
situs Latin (lat) (figuratively) Neglect, idleness, absence of use.. (figuratively, of the mind) A rusting, moulding or wasting away, dullness, inactivity.. Filthiness of the body.. Rust, mould, mustiness, dust, dirt; soil. (Late Latin) description. A quarter of the world, region.. The manner of lying; the situation, position or site of something.
situo Latin (lat) I place, situate, locate.