urbanitas etymology

Latin word urbanitas comes from Latin urbanus, Latin -ius

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urbanus Latin (lat) A city dweller, citizen (of manners or style) bold, forward, impudent. (of manners or style) cultivated, polished, refined. (of speech) elegant, refined, choice. Fond of, or devoted to cities. Of or belonging to a city; urban.
-ius Latin (lat) Genitive suffix for some irregular pronouns. Forming adjectives from nouns.
urbanitas Latin (lat) (of speech) Delicacy, elegance or refinement of speech; wit, humor, pleasantry, raillery; trickery, knavery.. An instance of living in the city; city life.. City fashions or manners; refinement, politeness, courtesy, urbanity, sophistication.

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eloquentia iudicium officio officium prudentia regia regio sapientia