venditor etymology

Latin word venditor comes from Latin venum (Something for sale, something to sell.), Latin venus (Sale, purchase.), Latin do (I give.. I offer, render.. I yield, surrender, concede.)

Detailed word origin of venditor

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venum Latin (lat) Something for sale, something to sell.
venus Latin (lat) Sale, purchase.
do Latin (lat) I give.. I offer, render.. I yield, surrender, concede.
venditare Latin (lat)
venditor Latin (lat) One who sells for bribes and corrupt payments. Seller, vendor.

Words with the same origin as venditor

Descendants of venum
venalis vendendus vendens vendere vendibilis vendita venditare venditatio vendo vendundus veneo
Descendants of do
data dato datum datus es essent esset est estis esto reddere