Sneeuwwitje etymology

Dutch word Sneeuwwitje comes from Dutch wit, Dutch -je (Variant of -tje.), Dutch sneeuw

Detailed word origin of Sneeuwwitje

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wit Dutch (nld) (archaic) clear-lighted, not dark at all. Legal. Pure, untainted. White (archaic) ability to think and reason. (archaic) knowledge (archaic) (short for. (slang) cocaine. (uncountable) white (color).
-je Dutch (nld) Variant of -tje.
sneeuw Dutch (nld) (slang) cocaine. Snow (frozen precipitation). Snow, static, noise (on a display screen).
Sneeuwwitje Dutch (nld) A shandy; a cocktail made with beer and lemonade (often 7 Up). Snow White.

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Descendants of -je
bakerpraatje bioscoopje blootje elfje slaafje sprookje verkleinwoordje