aangifte etymology

Dutch word aangifte comes from Dutch -te, Dutch aangeven

Detailed word origin of aangifte

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-te Dutch (nld) See ge- -te. A suffix that forms the singular of the past tense of weak verbs, the root of which ends in a voiceless consonant Appended to an adjective, making a feminine noun which refers to the size or quality referred to by the adjective, cognate to -th.. Appended to the stem of a verb, yields a feminine noun which refers to the object of such a verb.
aangeven Dutch (nld) (transitive) to hand, to pass. (transitive) to indicate, to point out. (transitive) to report, to notify, to declare.
aangifte Dutch (nld) Declaration (e.g. for taxes or customs). Official account of a crime, police statement.

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Descendants of -te
belofte beroerte drukte geboorte gedeelte gedeeltelijk gekte gelofte gesteente gewoonte groente grootte hitte leegte menigte moeite ongedierte sterkte stilte verte vlakte warmte zwaartekracht zwakte
Descendants of aangeven
aangeefster aangever belastingaangifte