aantrekken etymology

Dutch word aantrekken comes from Dutch aan, Dutch trekken

Detailed word origin of aantrekken

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aan Dutch (nld) On. To On (slang, said of parties) amazing, lit. On (functional, operational).
trekken Dutch (nld) (intransitive) to migrate. (intransitive, Belgium) to photograph, take a picture. (intransitive, vulgar) to jerk off, masturbate. (transitive) to manage, to have the strength for. (transitive) to pull, to draw.
aantrekken Dutch (nld) (reflexive, transitive) to take heed, to take an interest in something, to let oneself be bothered by. (transitive) to attract, draw, allure, appeal (to someone). (transitive) to attract, exert a pulling force (on an object) such as gravity. (transitive) to put on (e.g. clothing). (transitive) to tighten by pulling.

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Descendants of trekken
aantrekkelijk aantrekking kurkentrekker onaantrekkelijk samentrekking teruggetrokkenheid terugtrekking trekdier trekhaak trekkast trekker trekpaard trekpop trekschuit treksprinkhaan trekvaart trekvis trekvogel trekzak trok