afslag etymology

Dutch word afslag comes from Dutch slaan, Dutch af

Detailed word origin of afslag

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slaan Dutch (nld) (intransitive) to pulse, beat. (intransitive) to suddenly start along (of movement), to turn. (transitive) to beat, overcome. (transitive) to hit, to slap. (transitive) to strike. (transitive) to surround with. (transitive, chess) to take one of your opponent's pieces.
af Dutch (nld) (postpositional) off, from (implying motion). Off Finished, done (when working on something).
afslaan Dutch (nld) (intransitive) to halt, stop. (intransitive) to turn, to take off in a direction perpendicular to the one one was travelling in before. (transitive) to decline, reject. Beat up.
afslag Dutch (nld) Dutch auction (usually of fish). Exit turn (on a freeway).

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Descendants of slaan
eindverslag inslag jaarverslag omslag opslag verslag verslaggever