benaming etymology

Dutch word benaming comes from Dutch naam (Name.), Dutch -ing, Dutch be-

Detailed word origin of benaming

Dictionary entryLanguageDefinition
naam Dutch (nld) Name.
-ing Dutch (nld) (no longer productive) Forms nouns for a person originating from a place or family. Creates action nouns referring to the performance of a verb, or the result thereof.
be- Dutch (nld) Used to indicate that a verb is acting on a direct object (making the verb transitive). Always unstressed.
benaming Dutch (nld) Denomination, appellation.

Words with the same origin as benaming

Descendants of naam
met name
Descendants of -ing
bedoeling bemanning bescherming beslissing beveiliging beweging ervaring leiding mening omgeving ontmoeting oplossing overwinning poging regering rekening richting verandering verdediging verdieping vergadering vergissing verklaring vertaling waarschuwing
Descendants of be-
beantwoorden bedreigen begaan behandelen behandeling beheersen bekijken beledigen beleefd beleven beloning benieuwd beoordelen bereik bestuderen besturen bevolking bewaken bewaking bezwaar beëindigen beïnvloeden