broederschap etymology

Dutch word broederschap comes from Dutch -schap (-ship.), Dutch broeder

Detailed word origin of broederschap

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-schap Dutch (nld) -ship.
broeder Dutch (nld) Brooder (dated) brother, male sibling. A certain bread-like dish. Colleague, especially if member of a corporation or other profession-related organisation. Fellow faithful, especially in certain sects, such as the Hussite Moravian Brothers. Friar, member -especially non-priest- of certain ecclesiastical (notably Catholic clerical) groups. Member of a brotherhood, fraternity, order etc.
broederschap Dutch (nld) Brotherhood, a fraternal quality or relationship. Fraternity, or any society of 'brothers' in the figurative sense, especially bound by some specific religious (notably Catholic) devotion, such as the veneration of a patron saint and/or celebration of (a) liturgical feast(s).

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Descendants of -schap
agentschap ballingschap beterschap blijdschap eigenschap genootschap gereedschap gevangenschap heerschappij kampioenschap leiderschap lidmaatschap maatschappelijk maatschappij moederschap nalatenschap ouderschap vaderschap vakmanschap vennootschap weddenschap wetenschap zwangerschap zwangerschapsverlof
Descendants of broeder
boet broer brus