cirkel etymology

Dutch word cirkel comes from Proto-Indo-European *kr-, Ancient Greek κίρκος, Proto-Indo-European *kor

Detailed word origin of cirkel

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*kr- Proto-Indo-European (ine-pro)
κίρκος Ancient Greek (grc)
*kor Proto-Indo-European (ine-pro)
circus Latin (lat) A circular line or orbit; circle, ring. A racecourse or space where games are held, especially one that is round. The spectators in a circus; a circus.
circum Latin (lat) About, around, near. Nearby, at, in the neighbourhood of. Through, among, to About, around. In a circle, all around, on both sides.
circulus Latin (lat) (Medieval) A calendrical cycle. A company, social gathering, group. A necklace, chain. A ring, hoop. An orbit (circular path). Circle (geometric figure).
cirkel Dutch (nld) Circle.

Words with the same origin as cirkel

Descendants of *kr-
cruise examen gastheer heer heerlijk herfst hert hertog kanker koers kort krant kruis mijnheer rang ring ringen roep roepen rug schaar scheer scherm tekort
Descendants of κίρκος
circa research
Descendants of *kor
bekroning kronen kroning kroon kruin nonsens