collaborateur etymology

Dutch word collaborateur comes from Latin laboro, Latin con, and later Latin collaboro (I work together with others; I collaborate.)

Detailed word origin of collaborateur

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laboro Latin (lat) (transitive) I produce. I am imperiled. I endeavor, strive. I suffer, am oppressed, am afflicted with. I toil, labor.
con Latin (lat)
collaboro Latin (lat) I work together with others; I collaborate.
collaborateur French (fra) Collaborator.
collaborateur Dutch (nld) (dated) A collaborator, one who cooperates on a certain work. [19th c. - early 1940s]. (pejorative) One who collaborates or has collaborated with the Nazis, fascists or another enemy; traitorous collaborator. [from WW II].

Words with the same origin as collaborateur

Descendants of laboro
lab labo laboratorium
Descendants of con
commercie deduceren inviteren