deadline etymology

Dutch word deadline comes from English line, English dead

Detailed word origin of deadline

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line English (eng) (intransitive, baseball) To hit a line drive; to hit a line drive which is caught for an out. Compare fly and ground.. (intransitive, ‘line up’) To form or enter into a line.. (transitive) To mark with a line or lines, to cover with lines.. (transitive) To place (objects) into a line (usually used with "up"); to form into a line; to align.. (transitive) To place persons or things along the [...]
dead English (eng) (plural, with "the") Those who have died.. (uncountable, singulare tantum, often with "the") Time when coldness, darkness, or stillness is most intense. (engineering) Not imparting motion or power.. (hyperbole) Figuratively, not alive; lacking life.. (informal) (Certain to be) in big trouble.. (legal) Cut off from the rights of a citizen; deprived of the power of enjoying the rights of [...]
deadline English (eng) (archaic) A boundary around a prison, prisoners crossing which would be shot.. (archaic) A guideline marked on a plate for a printing press.. (archaic) A line that does not move. (Can we add an example for this sense?). A date on or before which something must be completed. (military) To render an item non-mission-capable; to ground an aircraft, etc.
deadline Dutch (nld) Deadline.