eerstdaags etymology

Dutch word eerstdaags comes from Dutch dag, Dutch -s, Dutch eerst

Detailed word origin of eerstdaags

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dag Dutch (nld) Day (period of 24 hours). Daytime (time between sunrise and sunset) Goodbye, same shortening. Hello, short for 'goodday; goodbye' A line used to fasten young sailors while training boarding a hostile ship or climbing the rigging. A piece of rope, used to punish sailors with, on the spot or in running the gauntlet.
-s Dutch (nld) Used to form adjectives of characteristic from nouns.. Used to form adjectives or language names from names of nations or countries. (obsolete, except in fixed expressions) Used to form the genitive case of (strong) masculine and neuter nouns.. Used to form adverbs. Used to form the genitive case of proper nouns and some pronouns.. Used to form the partitive form of the adjective Used to [...]
eerst Dutch (nld) Before, at an earlier time. First, at first, before something else. Only, not until.
eerstdaags Dutch (nld) In a few days, soon.

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Descendants of dag
-daags doeg gedaagde
Descendants of -s
Guatemalteeks aards buitenaards buitenlands buitentijds daarstraks dolletjes doods doordeweeks duivels eventjes heidens hels hemels immers kinds lichtjes loops netjes straks welletjes winters zachtjes zoetjes zomers