fregat etymology

Dutch word fregat comes from Ancient Greek ἀ-, Ancient Greek φράκτης, and later Latin aphractus ((nautical) An open boat (vessel with no deck).)

Detailed word origin of fregat

Dictionary entryLanguageDefinition
ἀ- Ancient Greek (grc)
φράκτης Ancient Greek (grc)
ἄφρακτος Ancient Greek (grc)
aphractus Latin (lat) (nautical) An open boat (vessel with no deck).
fregata Italian (ita) Frigate Rip-off. Rub, polish.
frégate French (fra) (nautical) frigate (a number of different classes of ships). Frigatebird.
fregat Dutch (nld) A frigate, type of (once sailing, small but fast three-mast) warship, applied to progressively larger types in time, since 1943 mainly escort ships.

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Descendants of ἀ-
a- acoliet ambrozijn an- anekdote anomie aoristus
Descendants of φράκτης