gedaagde etymology

Dutch word gedaagde comes from Dutch goed, Proto-Germanic *dagaz ((Runic alphabet) name of the D-rune (ᛞ). Day.)

Detailed word origin of gedaagde

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goed Dutch (nld) (archaic) an estate, a manor. (usually plural) goods Well All right, fine. Correct, right (factually or morally). Good.
*dagaz Proto-Germanic (gem-pro) (Runic alphabet) name of the D-rune (ᛞ). Day.
*dagāną Proto-Germanic (gem-pro) To dawn, to become day.
dag Old Dutch (odt) Day.
*dagon Old Dutch (odt)
dach Middle Dutch (dum) Day.
dag Middle Dutch (dum)
dagen Middle Dutch (dum) To dawn, to become day. To let someone wait, to delay. To rest (a horse). To summon to a court. To summon to appear on a certain day.
daghen Middle Dutch (dum)
goedendag Dutch (nld) Good day.
dag Dutch (nld) Goodbye, same shortening. Hello, short for 'goodday; goodbye' Day (period of 24 hours). Daytime (time between sunrise and sunset).
dagen Dutch (nld) (intransitive) to begin to become understood. (intransitive) to dawn. (intransitive) to rise. (intransitive) to start, begin. (transitive) to call, summon to battle, notably against uproar. (transitive) to light, illuminate, color by lighting. (transitive, legal) to subpoena, summon to appear in court.
gedaagde Dutch (nld) A summoned person, be it a party, witness or other.

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Descendants of goed
Bevrijdingsdag Goede Vrijdag Moederdag Vaderdag dag dag-en-nachtevening dagboek dagdeel dagen daglicht dagschotel dagverblijf doeg feestdag geboortedag huwelijksdag ijsdag kerstdag kinderdagverblijf rijksdag stamdag sterfdag sterrendag verjaardag
Descendants of *dagaz
daag dagblad dagelijks dageraad dagreis dierendag goedendag maandag rouwdag