gelach etymology

Dutch word gelach comes from Dutch ge-, Dutch lachen ((intransitive) to laugh.)

Detailed word origin of gelach

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ge- Dutch (nld) See ge- -te. Used with a verb stem to create a neuter uncountable noun referring to an action or its result, seen as a single collective whole. Comparable to English -ing (although that forms countable nouns, as it does in Dutch). (obsolete, no longer productive) Forms perfective verbs from other verbs with a sense of completeness, or simply as an intensifier.. Used for forming the past [...]
lachen Dutch (nld) (intransitive) to laugh.
gelach Dutch (nld) Laughter (sound (as) of laughing).

Words with the same origin as gelach

Descendants of ge-
gebergte geboorte geboorteakte geboortedatum geboorteplaats gedeelte gedeeltelijk gedonder gedrag geliefd gelul geschenk geschrift gesteente gevang gevecht gevolg gezag gezeik gezeur gezwel ongedierte wangedrag wedergeboorte
Descendants of lachen
goedlachs lachspiegel schaterlach