gracht etymology

Dutch word gracht comes from Proto-Germanic *grabaną (To dig. To engrave, scratch.), Proto-Germanic - þuz

Detailed word origin of gracht

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*grabaną Proto-Germanic (gem-pro) To dig. To engrave, scratch.
- þuz Proto-Germanic (gem-pro)
*graftuz Proto-Germanic (gem-pro) Digging, carving.
*graht Old Dutch (odt)
gracht Middle Dutch (dum) (neuter) grave. Ditch, canal, dug watercourse. Groove.
gracht Dutch (nld) (obsolete) grave (Belgium) ditch, trench (in the countryside, referring to both those that contain water and those that are dry). (Netherlands) canal (in a city, with houses on each side).

Words with the same origin as gracht

Descendants of *grabaną
begraafplaats begrafenis begraven familiegraf grachtengordel grachtenpand graf grafgift grafheuvel grafschennis grafsteen graftak graftempel groef groeve marmergroeve massagraf steengroeve zeemansgraf
Descendants of - þuz
biergist draad dracht eendracht eetlust gist gisten kunstmest lust lusteloos lustobject lustprieel mest mesthoop mestkever mestvork mist misten mistgordijn onlust overdracht werklust