groef etymology

Dutch word groef comes from Proto-Indo-European *gherbh-, Proto-Indo-European *gʰrābʰ-, and later Proto-Germanic *grabaną (To dig. To engrave, scratch.)

Detailed word origin of groef

Dictionary entryLanguageDefinition
*gherbh- Proto-Indo-European (ine-pro)
*gʰrābʰ- Proto-Indo-European (ine-pro) to dig, scratch, scrape
*grabaną Proto-Germanic (gem-pro) To dig. To engrave, scratch.
*grōbō Proto-Germanic (gem-pro) Hole, ditch, pit.
gruova Old Dutch (odt)
grove Middle Dutch (dum)
groef Dutch (nld) (woodwork, metalwork etc...) a groove carved into an object or a joint between two pieces of wood (such as a tongue and groove joint). Wrinkle.

Words with the same origin as groef

Descendants of *gherbh-
begraafplaats begrafenis familiegraf gaar gaarkeuken garen garf gerven grabbelen gracht grachtengordel graf grafschennis grafsteen graftak graftempel graven groeve halfgaar halvegare loopgraaf massagraf opgraving zeemansgraf
Descendants of *gʰrābʰ-
grachtenpand grafgift grafheuvel marmergroeve steengroeve uitgraven