harig etymology

Dutch word harig comes from Dutch haar, Dutch -ig

You can also see our other etymologies for the Dutch word harig. Currently you are viewing the etymology of harig with the meaning: (Adjective) (obsolete) dry and windy. (uncommon) foggy, misty.(obsolete) dry and windy. (uncommon) foggy, misty

Detailed word origin of harig

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haar Dutch (nld) (countable) hair (mammalian keratin filament). (uncountable) hair (collection of hairs) Third-person singular, feminine possessive adjective: her (personal) Third-person singular, feminine object pronoun: her (archaic) Third-person plural possessive adjective: their.
-ig Dutch (nld) -ed, having (when attached to a noun preceded by an adjective that describes the noun). -y; forms adjectives from nouns.
harig Dutch (nld) (obsolete) dry and windy. (uncommon) foggy, misty.

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Descendants of haar
heur kortharig langharig ontharen ontharing roodharig verharen wolharig
Descendants of -ig
aardig afkomstig beschuldigen duizelig eeuwig eeuwigheid gelukkig grappig grondig jarig koppig moedig onschuldig prachtig prettig regelmatig rustig schattig schuldig smerig verstandig voorzichtig wanhopig zielig één