inslag etymology

Dutch word inslag comes from Dutch inslaan, Dutch slag, Dutch in-

Detailed word origin of inslag

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inslaan Dutch (nld) To make provision for (e.g. a feast). To shatter, to break with force. To strike with force (e.g. lightning). To turn into, to follow (e.g. a different path or a corner).
slag Dutch (nld) Battle. Beat, stroke, pulsation. Blow, knock, strike. Kind, type, sort. Parcel, plot, premise (stretch of land).
in- Dutch (nld) From the adverb in. Prepended to a noun or adjective, it reinforces the quality signified thereby. Prepended to an adjective to negate its meaning; occurs mostly in borrowed terms from French: in-, un-.
inslag Dutch (nld) (weaving) woof, weft – which is woven crosswise through the warp. Impact.

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inbraak inburgeren inburgering incongruent incongruentie inconsistentie ineffectief inefficiënt inefficiëntie inham inhouden inkerving inleven inschatten instabiliteit instemming intocht intolerantie inwendig inzending