inzending etymology

Dutch word inzending comes from Dutch -ing, Dutch zenden, Dutch in-

Detailed word origin of inzending

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-ing Dutch (nld) (no longer productive) Forms nouns for a person originating from a place or family. Creates action nouns referring to the performance of a verb, or the result thereof.
zenden Dutch (nld) (intransitive, communications) to transmit. (transitive) to send.
in- Dutch (nld) From the adverb in. Prepended to a noun or adjective, it reinforces the quality signified thereby. Prepended to an adjective to negate its meaning; occurs mostly in borrowed terms from French: in-, un-.
inzending Dutch (nld) Entry, submission (e.g. to a contest).

Words with the same origin as inzending

Descendants of -ing
bedoeling bemanning bescherming beslissing beveiliging beweging ervaring leiding mening omgeving ontmoeting oplossing overwinning poging regering rekening richting verandering verdediging verdieping vergadering vergissing verklaring vertaling waarschuwing
Descendants of zenden
afzender filmzender muziekzender verzendkosten zendamateur zendeling zender zendmast
Descendants of in-
inbraak inburgeren inburgering incongruent incongruentie inconsistentie ineffectief inefficiënt inefficiëntie inham inhouden inkerving inleven inschatten inslag instabiliteit instemming intocht intolerantie inwendig