keper etymology

Dutch word keper comes from Proto-Italic *kapros (He-goat.), Dutch bok, Proto-Indo-European *kápros (He-goat, billy goat.)

Detailed word origin of keper

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*kapros Proto-Italic (itc-pro) He-goat.
bok Dutch (nld) (gymnastics) vaulting horse. (pejorative) churl, grouch. (pejorative) oaf, bumpkin. (printing) job case, type case. A crane on legs. Box, perch (driver's seat on a carriage). Male goat, buck, billy. Sawbuck, buck.
*kápros Proto-Indo-European (ine-pro) He-goat, billy goat.
caper Latin (lat) A male goat.
capreo Latin (lat)
keper Middle Dutch (dum)
keper Dutch (nld) (heraldiccharge) A chevron, comprising crossing bands.. A chevron, construction comprising crossing beams in roof-building etc.. A fir (the tree whose wood is mainly used for the building beams etc.). A twill, crossed weaving pattern. Some similar or associated ornaments, construction elements, capententry instruments etc.

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