log etymology

Dutch word log comes from Proto-Indo-European *lewg-, and later Proto-Germanic *luką (An opening; aperture; hole. Lock. Shutter.)

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Detailed word origin of log

Dictionary entryLanguageDefinition
*lewg- Proto-Indo-European (ine-pro)
*luką Proto-Germanic (gem-pro) An opening; aperture; hole. Lock. Shutter.
*lauka Proto-Germanic (gem-pro)
loh Old High German (goh)
louh Old High German (goh)
loch Middle High German (gmh)
Loch German (deu) (colloquial) apartment, flat or house in a bad condition; dump. (colloquial) boring small town or village. (dentistry) cavity. Hole.
log Dutch (nld) (obsolete).

Words with the same origin as log

Descendants of *lewg-
berglook jammerlog kattenluik knoflook loch lok look luik luiken luxe luxe-uitvoering luxeartikel luxeauto luxehut luxeleven luxepaard luxepositie luxeprobleem luxetelegram luxevilla luxewagen luxueus tweeluik valluik