loopband etymology

Dutch word loopband comes from Dutch lopen, Dutch band

Detailed word origin of loopband

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lopen Dutch (nld) A dry measure of content. An apparently larger land measure (auxiliary, with te) Forms a continuous aspect. Although it carries an implication of walking, this is vague and not emphasized.. (intransitive) to be open, current, activated. (intransitive) to lose liquid: drip, gush, leak. (intransitive, chiefly, Belgium) to run, cover distance, follow a track etc.. (intransitive, chiefly, [...]
band Dutch (nld) (physics) interval relating to frequency or wavelength in electromagnetic phenomena. Band (all English senses, above, except for group of musicians) (clarification of this definition is being sought). Bank (the bank of a pool table). Belt (conveyor belt). Belt (martial arts belt). Bond, tie. Connection, liaison, bond (attachment, as in a relation). Interval in the light spectrum. Range of [...]
loopband Dutch (nld) (sport) treadmill.

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Descendants of lopen
loopfiets loopgraaf loopjongen looppas loops loopvogel loper overloop overloper uitloper