loopvogel etymology

Dutch word loopvogel comes from Dutch vogel, Dutch lopen

Detailed word origin of loopvogel

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vogel Dutch (nld) (figuratively, , slang) A dude, cat. A bird, feathered animal. A gaai, a feathered target in archery or shooting.
lopen Dutch (nld) A dry measure of content. An apparently larger land measure (auxiliary, with te) Forms a continuous aspect. Although it carries an implication of walking, this is vague and not emphasized.. (intransitive) to be open, current, activated. (intransitive) to lose liquid: drip, gush, leak. (intransitive, chiefly, Belgium) to run, cover distance, follow a track etc.. (intransitive, chiefly, [...]
loopvogel Dutch (nld) A flightless bird which is capable of running.

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Descendants of lopen
loopband loopfiets loopgraaf loopjongen looppas loops loper overloop overloper uitloper