nak etymology

Dutch word nak comes from Old English cnocian (To knock.)

Detailed word origin of nak

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cnocian Old English (ang) To knock.
knocken Middle English (enm)
cnokien Middle English (enm)
knock English (eng) (automotive) Preignition, a type of abnormal combustion occurring in spark ignition engines caused by self-ignition or the characteristic knocking sound associated with it.. (cricket) a batsman's innings.. (cycling). (figurative) criticism. An abrupt rapping sound, as from an impact of a hard object against wood. An impact. (ambitransitive, dated) To bump or impact.. (colloquial) To [...]
naki Sranan Tongo (srn) To hit, to knock. To jab. To play a percussion instrument.
nakkie Dutch (nld) (Netherlands, slang) An insufflated dose of a powdered drug, especially cocaine; a bump.
nak Dutch (nld) (slang) a bump or small line of an insufflated drug.

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Descendants of cnocian
knokken knokploeg nakkie nokken