nonchalant etymology

Dutch word nonchalant comes from Latin non (Not.), French nonchaloir ((dated, or, poetic) indifference; nonchalance.), French chaloir, Latin calere, Old French non-

Detailed word origin of nonchalant

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non Latin (lat) Not.
nonchaloir French (fra) (dated, or, poetic) indifference; nonchalance.
chaloir French (fra) (impersonal, literary) to be of import. (impersonal, reflexive) to heat. (impersonal, reflexive) to matter.
calere Latin (lat)
non- Old French (fro)
non Old French (fro) Not No.
chaloir Old French (fro) (impersonal, reflexive, se chaloir) to bother, to concern. To heat.
nonchaloir Old French (fro) Indifference; uncaringness To ignore; to pay little attention to.
nonchalant French (fra) Cool, relaxed. Marked by a lack of vivacity, vigour, liveliness; slow-moving; indolent.
nonchalant Dutch (nld) Careless, showing no interest or effort.

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