onderbuik etymology

Dutch word onderbuik comes from Dutch buik, Dutch onder- (Sub-, under-, lower.)

Detailed word origin of onderbuik

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buik Dutch (nld) (nautical) The lowest inner part of a ship's hull, where water accumulates.. Belly. Paunch (referring euphemistically to a protrusive belly).
onder- Dutch (nld) Sub-, under-, lower.
onderbuik Dutch (nld) (figuratively) the seat of visceral, irrational and nasty emotions and drives. (figuratively) the soft, vulnerable side, weak spot. The lower part of the abdominal cavity.

Words with the same origin as onderbuik

Descendants of buik
beuk bierpens
Descendants of onder-
onderaannemer onderbaas onderbouw onderbroek onderbroekenhumor onderbuikgevoel onderdak onderdeel onderduiken onderfamilie onderkaak onderkoning onderminister onderpand onderschatten onderschatting onderschildering onderschrijven ondersoort onderuitputting ondervoorzitter ondervrager ondervraging