ontlopen etymology

Dutch word ontlopen comes from Dutch ont-, Dutch lopen

Detailed word origin of ontlopen

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ont- Dutch (nld) Forms inchoative verbs, indicating that a process is beginning. Un-, de-; forms verbs meaning to negate, remove or separate.
lopen Dutch (nld) A dry measure of content. An apparently larger land measure (auxiliary, with te) Forms a continuous aspect. Although it carries an implication of walking, this is vague and not emphasized.. (intransitive) to be open, current, activated. (intransitive) to lose liquid: drip, gush, leak. (intransitive, chiefly, Belgium) to run, cover distance, follow a track etc.. (intransitive, chiefly, [...]
ontlopen Dutch (nld) To outrun, evade.

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Descendants of ont-
ontbreken ontcijferen ontdooien ontgaan onthoofden onthouden onthullen ontkennen ontkenning ontkomen ontleden ontmaskeren ontnemen ontploffen ontruimen ontslag ontsnappen ontspannen ontstaan ontsteken ontvluchten ontwerp ontwikkelen ontzeggen
Descendants of lopen
loopband loopfiets loopgraaf loopjongen looppas loops loopvogel loper overloop overloper uitloper