rafel etymology

Dutch word rafel comes from Frankish *rīffilōn (To scrape, scratch.), Frankish *raffolōn, Old High German *raffalon

Detailed word origin of rafel

Dictionary entryLanguageDefinition
*rīffilōn Frankish (frk) To scrape, scratch.
*raffolōn Frankish (frk)
*raffalon Old High German (goh)
rifler Old French (fro) To plane, shave. To plunder, despoil. To scrape off, tear off, flay.
*rifle Old French (fro)
rafler Old French (fro)
raffle Old French (fro)
rafle Middle French (frm)
rafel Dutch (nld) (archaic) a throw of three dice. (archaic) type of game played with three dice.