ranch etymology

Dutch word ranch comes from French ranger, and later Spanish rancho ((nautical) crew's quarters. Grotty grub. Ranch. Shed, barn.)

Detailed word origin of ranch

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ranger French (fra) A ranger, one who looks after a region (reflexive, se ranger) to go along. To order, to arrange. To put away, to put aside, to stack away, to stow.
arranchar Spanish (spa) (nautical) to skirt (the coast). (reflexive) to get together (for a meal).
rancharse Spanish (spa)
rancho Spanish (spa) (nautical) crew's quarters. Grotty grub. Ranch. Shed, barn.
ranch English (eng) (western, _, US) A small farm that cultivates vegetables and/or livestock.. A house or property on a plot of ranch land.. A large plot of land used for raising cattle, sheep or other livestock.. Ranch dressing. To operate a ranch; engage in ranching.. To work on a ranch.
ranch Dutch (nld) Ranch, notably livestock breeding farm, especially in North America and in other English-speaking countries.