rekenmachine etymology

Dutch word rekenmachine comes from Dutch machine (Machine (mechanical or electrical device).), Dutch rekenen

Detailed word origin of rekenmachine

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machine Dutch (nld) Machine (mechanical or electrical device).
rekenen Dutch (nld) (intransitive) to calculate, to do arithmetic. (intransitive) to rely [+ op (on)], to depend [+ op (on)]. (transitive) to charge, to determine or request a payment. (transitive) to count [+ tot (as (belonging to))] [+ als (as)], to consider (something) an example [+ tot (of)]. (transitive, intransitive) to appraise, to reckon, to evaluate.
rekenmachine Dutch (nld) Calculator.

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Descendants of rekenen
misrekening ontoerekenbaar rekenaar rekenfout rekening rekenkunde rekentoestel stroomrekening toerekenbaar