schaambeen etymology

Dutch word schaambeen comes from Dutch been, Dutch schamen ((reflexive) to be ashamed.)

Detailed word origin of schaambeen

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been Dutch (nld) (mathematics) side, leg. (uncountable) bone, the chalky material bones are made of. Bone, constituent part of a skeleton.. Leg, limb of a person, horse (other animals have poten) and certain objects (again many have poten).
schamen Dutch (nld) (reflexive) to be ashamed.
schaambeen Dutch (nld) Pubis.

Words with the same origin as schaambeen

Descendants of been
benen benig kraakbenig
Descendants of schamen
schaamberg schaambos schaamdeel schaamhaar schaamheuvel schaamlip schaamluis schaamrood schaamspleet schaamstreek