schietbout etymology

Dutch word schietbout comes from Dutch schieten, Dutch bout

Detailed word origin of schietbout

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schieten Dutch (nld) (intransitive) to kick (a ball in ball games, especially soccer). (intransitive) to rush, to move quickly. (intransitive) to shoot, fire. (transitive) to shoot, to kill (especially game).
bout Dutch (nld) (archaic) darling, sweetheart, dear. (vulgar) fart. Bar, rod. Bolt (crossbow arrow). Bolt (threaded metal cylinder). Haunch, leg of an animal as food. Iron (apparatus for ironing clothing).
schietbout Dutch (nld) (historical, obsolete) bar shot.

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Descendants of schieten
schietgraag schietijzer schietlood schietpartij uitschieter voorschot