stoelgang etymology

Dutch word stoelgang comes from Dutch gang, Dutch stoel

Detailed word origin of stoelgang

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gang Dutch (nld) Course. Gait, walk (person's manner of walking or stepping). Hallway, corridor. Journey. Passageway, alley.
stoel Dutch (nld) (botany) stool, a type of stump. (hence) Any seat, from stool to throne; a dais. (obsolete) confessional chair. (obsolete) fecal stool. (obsolete) todestool. A place of residence, headquarters, powerbase. The base, e.g. platform, on which something rests; something fixed on it, notably a workbench. Chair, sitting furniture, normally mobile and on four legs.
stoelgang Dutch (nld) One's stool, fecal discharge.

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Descendants of gang
onovergankelijk overgankelijk overgankelijk werkwoord
Descendants of stoel
Heilige Stoel