stom etymology

Dutch word stom comes from Proto-Indo-European *stemH-, and later Proto-Germanic *stummaz (Mute.)

Detailed word origin of stom

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*stemH- Proto-Indo-European (ine-pro)
*stm̥Hnós Proto-Indo-European (ine-pro)
*stummaz Proto-Germanic (gem-pro) Mute.
stum Old Dutch (odt)
*stumm Old Dutch (odt)
stom Middle Dutch (dum)
stom Dutch (nld) Foolish, senseless, piteous. In compounds essentially reinforcing the sense. Mentally dulling, soul-killing. Mute, unable to speak, as medical condition or species-determined. Speechless; soundless, silent. Stupid, dumb. Wordless, non-verbal.

Words with the same origin as stom

Descendants of *stemH-
allerstomst doofstom stombezopen stomdoof stomdrinken stomdronken stomheid stomkop stomme film stommeling stommerd stommerik stommig stommiteit stompraten stompzinnig stomte stomtoevallig stomverbaasd stomvervelend stomverwonderd stomweg stum verstommen