stop etymology

Dutch word stop comes from Proto-Indo-European *stHb-, Malayalam stuppo, Proto-Indo-European *(s)tubʰn-, English estoppel, and later Old English stoppian ((a hole or aperture) To close. To stop.)

Detailed word origin of stop

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*stHb- Proto-Indo-European (ine-pro)
stuppo Malayalam (mal)
*(s)tubʰn- Proto-Indo-European (ine-pro)
estoppel English (eng) (common law) A legal principle in the law of equity that prevents a party from asserting otherwise valid legal rights against another party because of conduct by the first party, or circumstances to which the first party has knowingly contributed, make it unjust for those rights to be asserted.
*stuppijaną Proto-Germanic (gem-pro)
stoppian Old English (ang) (a hole or aperture) To close. To stop.
stoppien Middle English (enm)
stop English (eng) (architecture) A member, plain or moulded, formed of a separate piece and fixed to a jamb, against which a door or window shuts.. (by extension) A button that activates the stop function.. (engineering) A device, or piece, as a pin, block, pawl, etc., for arresting or limiting motion, or for determining the position to which another part shall be brought.. (linguistics) A consonant sound in [...]
stop Dutch (nld) An action of stopping, cessation. Electric fuse. Plug for a sink, a stopper.

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Descendants of *stHb-
Stofberg brandstof delfstof kleurstof koolstof kunststof remvloeistof reukstof springstof sterrenstof stikstof stof stoffen stofhoos stofkam stoflong stofwisseling stopbord stopcontact stoppen vloeistof waterstof zoetstof zuurstof
Descendants of stuppo
afvalstof fijnstof stofjas