teweegbrengen etymology

Dutch word teweegbrengen comes from Dutch te, Dutch weg (Way, road (slang) hammered. Away. Gone, disappeared.), Dutch brengen

Detailed word origin of teweegbrengen

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te Dutch (nld) Too (indicating excess) (archaic) in idiom; a form of the definite article de (modifying an infinitive verb) to. Located at, in, on.
weg Dutch (nld) Way, road (slang) hammered. Away. Gone, disappeared.
brengen Dutch (nld) (transitive) to bring, to carry. (transitive) to deliver, to supply.
teweegbrengen Dutch (nld) (transitive) To achieve, get (on the road, done etc.). (transitive) To bring about, cause to take place.

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Descendants of brengen
aanbrenger aanbrenging brenger bringen geluksbrenger ongeluksbrenger opbrenger opbrenging opbrengst