trekzak etymology

Dutch word trekzak comes from Dutch zak, Dutch trekken

Detailed word origin of trekzak

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zak Dutch (nld) A physical depression; flattened area. The action of descending; a descent (slang) a scrotum. (slang, offensive, vulgar) A contraction of such insults for males as klootzak or rotzak, referring to the scrotum, roughly equivalent to "asshole".. (slang, offensive, vulgar, obsolete) whore, cunt. A container made of textile, leather or paper such as bag, sack, sachet and pouch. A pocket A female [...]
trekken Dutch (nld) (intransitive) to migrate. (intransitive, Belgium) to photograph, take a picture. (intransitive, vulgar) to jerk off, masturbate. (transitive) to manage, to have the strength for. (transitive) to pull, to draw.
trekzak Dutch (nld) Bisonoric squeezebox, button accordion.

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Descendants of trekken
aantrekkelijk aantrekking kurkentrekker onaantrekkelijk samentrekking teruggetrokkenheid terugtrekking trekdier trekhaak trekkast trekker trekpaard trekpop trekschuit treksprinkhaan trekvaart trekvis trekvogel trok