valluik etymology

Dutch word valluik comes from Dutch luik, Dutch vallen

Detailed word origin of valluik

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luik Dutch (nld) (arts) panel, as in a triptych. (figuratively) first-rank section, part (of few), e.g. chapter of a plan. Hatch. Shutter.
vallen Dutch (nld) (auxiliary, with te) to be able to be. (intransitive) to fall, to begin (of a time period). (intransitive) to fall, to tumble.
valluik Dutch (nld) Trapdoor.

Words with the same origin as valluik

Descendants of vallen
avondval bouwval maatval naamval nachtval regenval rijmval sneeuwval toonval val valavond valkuil valreep valscherm valstrik valuur verzenval waterval