verloop etymology

Dutch word verloop comes from Dutch ver-, Dutch loop

Detailed word origin of verloop

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ver- Dutch (nld) A prefix found as part of surnames, found mainly in the southern Netherlands and in Belgium. To do or to become what the stem (following this prefix) refers to. To move or change in the manner specified by the stem. Used to indicate that the action (referred to by the stem) has a negative connotation (for the direct object of the stem).
loop Dutch (nld) A river course. Barrel (of a firearm). Course of a projectile. Course, duration.
verloop Dutch (nld) Course (development). Process.

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veranderen verandering verband verbergen verdacht verhalen verhuizen verjaardag verklaren verklaring verkoop verlaten verliefd verloofde vermoorden veroorzaken verpesten verplaatsen verraden verslag verstoppen vertrekken vertrouwen verwachten verwijderen
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